Microsoft Outlook Skin: Change The Look and Feel of Outlook with Flow-e

Most existing Microsoft Outlook skins simply serve the purpose of making the program look more attractive to the user.

But what if there was a Microsoft Outlook skin that not only made your email look better, but made it actually work better instead?

Microsoft Outlook is a standard office productivity tool, but the way that it presents email is often too rigid for the way we currently work with email.

The truth is, today we need a seamless way to manage emails as tasks, in addition to tracking to-dos, monitoring our time, staying organized, and balancing multiple projects and priorities at once.

The existing Outlook folder-and-flag system isn’t complex enough to meet our rapidly changing needs.

Flow-e acts as a skin that changes the look and feels of your Outlook inbox without changing anything about your data. Flow-e creates a beautiful Outlook to do lists inside your inbox in a seamless way.

In fact, Flow-e never accesses your data at all. But with Flow-e, emails can become tasks, organized as an online Kanban board, for a flexible, efficient way to stay organized and productive, no matter what your tasks may be.

Using Flow-e as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook skin, you can:

  • Manage up to 5 email accounts
  • Add to-dos to emails
  • Keep an ever-present timeline view of your calendar
  • Group conversations by topic
  • Add due dates and reminders to tasks and emails
  • Assign and track emails to your contacts or delegates
  • Create standalone task cards for your workflow
  • Rename conversations
  • Apply folders and labels to emails and tasks
  • Sorting tasks by due date and age

… without ever leaving Outlook.

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The ability to organize lists, manage tasks, and keep your daily timeline right in the same window makes Flow-e the most efficient way to control your productivity, at work or home.

Here are some ways to use the Flow-e system make your Microsoft Outlook inbox work better:

1) Use labels

Flow-e labels combine text and colors to convey more information than the simple flags built into Outlook.

And a single item in Flow-e can have multiple labels, to help you group and sort tasks and projects.

2) Use background colors

Adding a customized background behind your Flow-e Outlook interface allows you to have an even richer, more customized experience for your Kanban columns.

Use images, color, and text to keep your work visual and streamlined.

3) Rename conversations

We have all had email threads that have gone off-subject, or that didn’t have a useful subject, to begin with.

Renaming a conversation allows you to more readily identify the important contents of an email without re-reading it.

Flow-e organizes your emails into trackable, Kanban-style tasks, to make your Outlook easier to manage, more intuitive, and keep you focused and on track with your tasks.

Spend less time searching for old emails, re-reading things you’ve already read, or reminding yourself of what your priorities are with Flow-e.

Now that you’ve got your productivity mastered with Flow-e, here are a few more Outlook add-ons that will save you some time.

Online Kanban Board

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Adopting a few simple tools can make your Outlook better and more useful than it ever was before.

And the ground-breaking Flow-e Microsoft Outlook skin transforms Outlook into a comprehensive, visual productivity tool that is faster, easier, more versatile, and more powerful than anything you’ve yet tried.

And Flow-e isn’t just for when you’re on the clock. This versatile system can also be used to manage a busy household schedule, home improvement projects, professional growth, community organizations, or any other goals and projects you have in mind.

Anytime you need to balance communication, tasks, and productivity, and time management, you can use Flow-e.

In today’s workplace, email and time management are more important than ever.

Workers are expected to be more productive and generate more value than they have in the past, and yet the volume of email and the number of distractions keeps increasing every year.

It’s essential to choose software that will help you stay on task, deliver on time, and manage all the details that go into your daily work.

Fortunately, we have cutting-edge tools that will help us get there, so we can stay competitive and manage our time efficiently.

Making the Flow-e Microsoft Outlook skin part of your personal productivity system will help you be more effective and reach your goals faster, simply and intuitively.

Take advantage of this productivity system and make the most of your time.