Visualize Your Inbox

Turn your Gmail or Office365 inbox to a Visual Task Board.

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Workflow + Inbox

Flow-e is the first of her kind. An assistant that brings workflow to your inbox, so you won't need external task management tools!

We don't store data

Flow-e is implemented as a visualization layer on top of Office365 and Gmail, which means that we don’t store your data on our servers.

Delegate with ease

Convert an email into a task with a single drag and get notified when the other person completes it, without nagging about it.

Timeline view

Flow-e reads your calendar and visualizes it as a timeline. You get a quick overview of what's next, then easily set up meetings with colleagues or clients.

Schedule meetings

Scheduling meetings is a breeze, no more switching screens to do it.

Add to-dos

Add to-dos to your emails, just as you would in external task management tools.

Set deadlines

Set deadlines to your emails, when you need time to work on your response.

Used by People Like You.

"For years I would bounce back and forth trying to find a new task manager that would “solve” all my problems. When I found Flow-e, I instantly setup my categories and I cannot tell how much of a difference this web app has made to my productivity. It’s a true game-changer."

Dustin Boss
Dustin Boss
Certified Risk Architect

Go with the flow

Turn your Gmail or Office365 inbox into a Visual Task Board.


$ 9 / month
Take your inbox to the next level. Get your own visual email workflow, a dynamic calendar timeline in the same view and all of the Power Ups below:
  • Adding ToDos to emails
  • Grouping conversations by topic
  • Adding due dates and reminders
  • Assign and track emails to your contacts
  • Standalone task cards in the workflow
  • Renaming email threads
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