Features the Best Trello Alternative Must Have in 2019

At some point in life, everyone needs to find a way to be a little bit more organized. For some people, this might mean the yearly investment of planners and calendars, as well as color-coded markers to make sure that everything is beautiful as well as organized.

However, in a world where everything is becoming more digital, planners and calendars are not the most practical solution anymore. Instead, it would help if you began looking at what an online management software could do for you or your business.

While there are many programs and software out there, such as Trello, there are also many alternatives to consider. For instance, one of the many alternatives to Trello is Flow-e.

What One of the Best Trello Alternatives Has to Offer?

If you are looking for the best Trello alternative, then you probably already know how powerful a personal Kanban tool for task management could be. Flow-e is an email and task management software that is designed for business managers and small business owners to better keep track of their daily tasks and their team’s progress.

It is an overlay for Office 365, meaning that it goes over your email’s interface, and that is where it stays. From there, you can manage just about everything you need to keep your business up-to-date.

You can even take care of some of your teammates’ responsibilities as well, depending on what needs to be done. In the end, Flow-e is a capable and versatile software that can make life managing a business far easier for you than any other software could.

Choosing the Best Alternative

When you are looking to keep your business adequately organized and well managed, it is imperative that you make sure that the task management software that you are looking at has all of the features that you need.

You need to ensure that you are looking at a task management software that gives you the ability not only to send to-do lists through emails to your teammates, but it also allows you to delegate and manage tasks for your colleagues as well.

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Of course, there are several alternatives to Trello out there, but Flow-e proves itself as a well-rounded and capable software that will not cost you a single penny to use and see how well it works for your business.

In addition to this, you will also be able to manage your own time and tasks with timelines and calendars that go on your email’s overlay. Having such a feature will help your business out significantly in the long run.

What Do Trello and Flow-е Share?

Trello and Flow-e, both being software that shares a similar purpose, also have many of the same characteristics. This is important to look at when you are considering an alternative to another program, as there is a very good chance that you will not want to lose any of the features that you use.

Flow-e allows you to easily work with the inbox of your email, even being able to delegate tasks, similar to how Trello lets you assign tasks. You will also be able to set deadlines and deadline reminders so that nobody has a reason to forget the deadline when things need to be done, including you.

Best alternative to Trello

There are also to-do lists that you can make for yourself and your team. This is quite similar to Trello’s checklist function. Although the two features have different names, they both serve the same purpose of letting you check off what needs to be done for yourself and your team.

Both of these checklists have a progress meter or tracker, which allows you to visually acknowledge just how far along you and your team are in keeping everything managed. These are many of the features that Trello and Flow-e share, and there are a few more that are incredibly similar, yet slightly different, on both ends.

Where Does Flow-е Excel?

While these kanban tools share several features, many are different. Among those features, there are quite a few that go to show that Flow-e is one of the best alternatives to Trello that you can find. One of the biggest areas where Flow-e excels is that it offers a Kanban view within the email and it is for free.

Compared to Trello’s payment options, this is considerably different. No matter how small or large your business is, you can begin using Flow-e’s task management methods to get your business into shape so that you can begin growing even further as a business.

Try Flow-e. It's FREE.

Because Flow-e is an email overlay to your existing Microsoft Outlook email, it will work with your Office 365 Mail and the Mail 365 Calendar.

If you want to ensure that Trello worked the same on all of those clients, you might have to develop your own plugin, which can be extremely resource-consuming for smaller businesses that are already struggling with organization.

Flow-e also has a few additional forms of support, coming in with support over email and live support. This is important because if you ever experience trouble with Flow-e and you aren’t quite sure what to do, you will be able to contact Flow-e’s team quickly. For small businesses, having problems solved in such a timely manner is crucial to keeping everything running efficiently.