What are Power Ups in FLOW-e?

Just like in your favorite video game, power-ups have arrived to FLOW-e. Power-ups are features of your workflow that you can unlock at will depending on how you want to use your inbox. Power-ups help your email process go full throttle by expanding the functionality of your inbox and unlocking the potential of your email experience. We highly recommend enabling all of the available power-ups in FLOW-e so you can really revolutionize the chaos of your Gmail or Office365 inbox.

Today, we are releasing the first three power-ups that are already available to be enabled from the dedicated icon in your FLOW-e workflow (look for the blazing fire on your top right):

  • Card Due Dates: Adding color coded due dates to the ongoing communication in your workflow so you know when you need to bring a topic to a close or follow-up. Read more about due dates and reminders in FLOW-e.
  • Card ToDos: Make actionable To Do lists by adding them onto the email thread they came from. Keep track of your checklists right in the inbox. Read more about ToDo lists in FLOW-e.
  • Delegation: Assign cards coming from the workflow to your other contacts. If your contact is also using FLOW-e, you’ll be able to track whether the card you’ve delegated to them is completed, in progress or still sitting in their feed. Read more about delegation in FLOW-e.

*If you’ve been using FLOW-e before reading this article, these three power-ups will be automatically switched on in your account. You can disable them if you don’t need any.

If you’re new to FLOW-e, enabling the power-ups you need will be an essential part of your onboarding. We hope you enjoy customizing your email inbox experience.

We want everyone in FLOW-e to have a say about the power-ups we make next. That’s why we built in a voting mechanism for feature requests we have received over the last couple of months. Everyone gets 2 votes to cast in order to let us know which of the following will be most useful to them in their process. Help us build FLOW-e together and vote by giving your thumbs up for two of the following:

  • Adding visual tags to different types of conversations. You can also use these to filter the workflow and change which tags you see.
  • Aging Cards: Bring email cards that have been in progress for a while to your attention. Keep your communication flowing.
  • Snooze Card: Snooze an email card until a due date of your choice. On the day of its deadline, it will reappear in its original column.
  • Zoomable Timeline: Adjusting the time frame you visualize in your FLOW-e timeline to see farther into the past and future.
  • Multiple accounts in your feed so you can get incoming messages from more than one of your email addresses simultaneously.
  • Multiple Workflows to split your workflow into tiers with different column names.

If you have an idea of a power-up of your own that you would like to suggest, don’t hesitate to let us know what we missed. As we continue building the inbox features you need, we will continue voting on new requests that come in on a rolling basis.

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