What Are Power Ups and How to Enable Them In Flow-e?

Just like in your favorite video game, power-ups have arrived to Flow-e. Power-ups are features of your workflow that you can unlock at will depending on how you want to use your inbox.

Power-ups help your email process go full throttle by expanding the functionality of your inbox and unlocking the potential of your email experience.

We highly recommend enabling all of the available power-ups in Flow-e so you can really revolutionize the chaos of your Office365 inbox.

Power-ups in Flow-e

  • Card Due Dates: Add color coded due dates to the ongoing communication in your workflow so you know when you need to bring a topic to a close or follow-up. Get reminders for upcoming and overdue deadlines.
  • Card Notes: Add notes to remind yourself where things are standing when working on a task. You can add those small clues on email cards, task cards, and events on your calendar timeline.
  • Card To-Dos: Make actionable To-Do lists by adding them onto the email thread they came from. Those handy checklists can be added to email cards, task cards, and calendar events.
  • Task Cards: You can use Flow-e as your general task management tool by creating new cards in your workflow even if they’re not coming from an email.
  • Group Cards: Visually group different conversations or cards together under a common topic in the workflow. Move them through your progress stages as a unit.
  • Delegation: Track your delegated work, by marking tasks as assigned to your contacts when sending or forwarding an email. If your contact is using Flow-e, he or she will be notified and you’ll be able to track whether the task is in progress or completed in his or her workflow.

*These power-ups will be automatically switched on in your account. You can disable them if you don’t need any.

If you have an idea of a power-up of your own that you would like to suggest, don’t hesitate to let us know what we missed.