How to Set up Time Range for Past Emails in Your Inbox

This tutorial will show you how to set up time range for past emails in your inbox feed in Flow-e.

Have you ever felt like your email inbox in Flow-e has fewer emails that the one in your email client inbox?

It happens, yes. And we get questioned a lot “I have email “X” in my inbox, but it is not shown in my Flow-e inbox. What have you done to my email?”

Rest assured, the big Inbox Zero monster ate them, it wasn’t us!

Eating cookies


Now the truth. By default, the inbox feed in Flow-e will display your emails from the last two weeks.

To change the time range for past emails, please, follow these steps:

Step 1)

Click on your profile picture, situated in the upper right corner, and click on “Settings.”

Settings menu in Flow-e

Step 2)

A new modal window will open and load the “Inbox” setting. Locate the “Email Batches” section.

To change the time range, click on the field “2 weeks” and choose the most appropriate time range for you.

Click “Save Settings.” Now you are ready to digest your inbox!

Time Range Email Feed in Flow-e

Side note: We are often asked why you can’t load emails from the whole past year, for example.

The reason is that we would like to urge you to digest your emails in small batches.

This will allow you to process your emails on a daily basis, digest each email, and achieve inbox zero.

Of course, you can still find emails older than 2 months if you use the search field in Flow-e.

Search function in Flow-e

However, If you haven’t processed your emails for two months, then you are in big trouble, and only Flow-e could help you fix it!