How to Manage Your Workflow with Our Projects Feature

In this article, I will show you how our Projects feature works.

Flow-e’s Projects feature is the easiest way to categorize your work and filter out your Kanban board with a single click.

Also, the Projects feature could be used as tags. So you can tag your cards based on a given characteristic, and then filter out your workflow so that you can see only these cards associated with the tags you have applied.

Let’s see how this feature works.

1) How to Enable the projects power-up

Enable Flow-e Projects Feature

2) How to Create your first projects

Add projects

3) How to edit your projects

Edit projects in Flow-e

4) How to apply Projects as tags to your cards

Add a card to a Project

5) How to filter out your cards on the Kanban board

Filter out workflow

6) Find your projects details in a card

Projects details in cards



If you are a project manager and you would like to learn more about the topic, we have crafted a pretty detailed guide on simple project management. We have also created the definitive guide on how to implement agile project management.