Group Conversations by Topic, Track as Unit

Until this moment, email conversations in Flow-e were independent elements transferred from feed to workflow, where they become actionable cards. In service to a specific common scenario, we decided to make it easier than any existing email client to visually group conversations that revolve around the same topic. Visually grouping conversations by topic is specifically designed to allow users of Flow-e to create clusters of related emails. Track these clusters  in the workflow as a unit instead of scattering them between feed, workflow and archive. I’ve personally seen this used in various situations, such as:

  • making travel arrangements
  • working out legal snafus
  • collaboration between internal team members and freelancers
  • tracking outreach initiatives for which you’ve contacted many people for the same thing
  • basically any other situation in which you are having several convos that revolve around the same topic

Grouping creates a visual link between cards that relate to each other. The goal is to help you navigate your workflow and prevent scatter of related tasks surrounding the same initiative.

Let’s take a look at how we’ve made grouping work in Flow-e (it takes two second to unite two cards in the workflow!)

First, don’t forget to enable this power-up from the dedicated menu:

Let’s see if we can achieve it and undo it in a couple of clicks…

Open any card and head to the power-ups icon to activate the group cards option on this card. At will, drag any related conversation card in the workflow into the free space you just opened up.

If you want to undo the grouping, drag the card out of the space.

Grouping Standalone Cards by Topic

This functionality works with email conversations as well as the new standalone cards in Flow-e. Similarly to conversations, standalone cards can be grouped between themselves or linked to conversations across the workflow. In effect, connecting email messages that contain actionable communication with daily tasks of all types.


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