How to Generate Business Email Signature in Flow-e

This tutorial will show you how to generate your perfect business signature in Flow-e so your colleagues will envy you!

Video transcript:

Hey Flow-e business guys,

I know you want to have very, very nice standardized signature for emails. I do. Let me show you how to do this. Go to your account and click on the signature menu.

Then you are presented with a generator of your new awesome signature so you can now enter your first name, your last name, your job title, your phone number, whatever, and you see at the bottom that your signature gets generated automatically.

You can pick a color, you can choose what links should look like, you can choose text color, and then you can continue to your company profile.

You can name the company, name the website, address, address line, you can have images, and because we are kings in what we do, I’ll use the Leonidas image, and you can also, you know, add your Facebook, Twitter or whatever account.

And when you do save your signature, it will ask you whether you want to override your custom signature. You just say “Yes” and then whenever you composing your message, your awesome signature shows up.

Good job, Leonidas!