Daily Timeline Embedded in Your Email Inbox

You only have so many hours in a day, so use them wisely. We may never truly know how Elon Musk does it, running three hugely ambitious companies at the same time, but we bet he has developed a stellar way of sorting his email inbox and tracking his time. We imagine a colour coded calendar with labels, alerts and all that jazz. In fact, we are certain that people like Musk understand the painful truth that wasting the resource of time is one of the most frivolous thing a person can do if they’re aiming for success. It is the epitome of being unproductive and should be avoided at all costs. So…

Time tracking methods, like timelines, can help us make the best of our email inbox

In March of this year, our team stumbled upon an article in the Daily Mail about what a productive person’s daily timeline looks like. Check it out for yourself to see what types of activities the timeline includes. Just a hint,  nowhere is the phrase “sleeping in” mentioned. What struck us about the timeline as a medium (as opposed to the weekly, monthly, or annual calendar) was the immediacy of the visual representation and the focus on the single day itself. Seeing your commitments and activities distributed through an 8-10 hour workday helps make plans for the day at hand. It also helps you actually see the gaps in time in which you can fit something else. Check out how to set up meetings using the timeline in FLOW-e:

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Switching between a calendar and inbox is a type of multi-tasking, but can be avoided

Most people schedule meetings and deadlines in the calendars connected to their email inbox. However, they always have to switch views to do it. In our aim to remove friction and save time, we built a daily timeline below the FLOW-e visual email workflow to provide an immediate overview of your workday within your email inbox. The interface dynamically reflects the passing of time over the course of the day and the nearing of upcoming meetings. This makes it easy to anticipate what’s next in your schedule without having to switch between your inbox and your calendar yet again. You can even use the timeline itself to quickly schedule a last minute meetings, invite others and send a brief note about the occasion.email inbox timeline

Daily timelines in FLOW-e:

  • Represent your day visually without having to switch views
  • Make it easier to spot the gaps in your day and anticipate upcoming events
  • Add meetings right from your inbox and they’ll show up in your main calendar, too
  • Simplify the hassle of working with time zones

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