Important Announcement: The Future of Flow-e for Gmail


It is with great sadness that we announce the discontinuation of Flow-e for Gmail. As of 1st January 2020, Flow-e for Gmail will stop working.

Throughout the past three years, you have been an amazing source of inspiration for us, that is why we owe you nothing but the truth.

We built Flow-e, hoping to see it grow and conquer the email world. However, it turns out that the majority of people prefer sticking to their traditional email clients and would not switch to Flow-e completely. Of course, we have thousands of people using it every day, but it’s not the millions we hoped for.

That is why we decided to stop investing heavily in RnD and only support the product as it is. We couldn’t just close it as we’re using it ourselves, and it saves our lives every day.

We would have supported Gmail for much longer if it wasn’t for the mandatory security audit that is being imposed by Google, due to its GDPR compliance. They are forcing all apps to undergo such audits with one of the two approved companies that are doing it. They both charge ~20,000 USD for the initial audit and then require annual payments for each consecutive year.

As Flow-e is far from profitable, it doesn’t make economic sense for our company to pay that price. It’s not just the audit cost but also engineering power, which costs even more than that.

That is why we took the hard decision to just let it go. There’s a slight chance that you would be able to continue using Flow-e, but we just don’t know what Google is going to do. That is why we notify you in advance.

We are genuinely sorry, and we hope you’ll understand. Thanks for everything!

p.s As Flow-e for Gmail is discontinuing, we have negotiated a 50% discount for all Flow-e users to join DragDrag is a similar tool built-in Gmail (please remember to mention Flow-e during demos or conversations to secure a discount. This will be available until 31st December 2019).

The Flow-e Team