How to Use Flow-e with a Dark Theme Mode Plugin

Today I am going to show you how you can easily switch your Flow-e account to a dark theme mode.

The dark theme was a frequently requested feature by our users.

Dark theme?

Daaark theme!

Daaaaark theme?!

Well, we were busy building our Snooze feature and the upcoming Flow-e Team plan.

We are still busy building the team plan, and we had to find a way to provide a solution for the users who wanted this feature shipped more than any other.

So we did. One browser extension available on both, Chrome and Mozilla, works impeccably with Flow-e, as well as any other website/web application I have tried so far.

It’s called Dark Reader, developed by Alexander Shutov.


Well, most accurately, I call it agility:

That’s right!

“Agility is your willingness to change, your ability to change and the nimbleness you exhibit as you adapt to change quickly—it is key to your future.”


So without further ado, let me show what you need to do in 2 minutes.

First, this tutorial is applicable only if you are using the web version of Flow-e, it won’t work on the desktop.

The plugin “Dark Reader’ is available on both Chrome and Mozilla.

To install the plugin, you only need to click on the “+add to Firefox” button for Firefox, and “add to Chrome” for Chrome.

Here is how it looks like:

click to enlarge (new tab)

Pretty swift installation, right? Plus, the plugin could be further customized as per the user’s preferences.

Great work by Alexander Shutov, and if you like the plugin and it benefits the way you work, you can contribute to the development of the plugin.

Side note: we are not paid to promote this plugin in any sense, nor are we affiliated. We just like it and use it when browsing online.