The Best Wunderlist Alternative in 2019: We Share Some Practical Tips

Finding a way to keep yourself organized, especially when you are managing a business, is no easy task. You might find that you have countless planners and notebooks around your desk area, filled to the brim with reminders about every single occasion, meeting, and task that you need to get done for the day.

Thankfully, as technology becomes more and more prominent in life, there are more and more ways to keep yourself properly organized throughout the day. In fact, there are countless apps, both free and not, that you can choose from to help you set up your life to be more organized than ever before.

However, sometimes, you might find yourself getting caught between two different apps. For instance, you might be torn between getting a management app known as Wunderlist, or an email and task management software known as Flow-e. While both of these management apps are useful, there are times when there is one clear winner for your situation.

What Do Wunderlist and the Best Wunderlist Alternative Have in Common?

As you search for the best Wunderlist alternative, there is a very good chance that you will find yourself comparing Flow-e with Wunderlist, and for a good reason.

Both of these apps are very capable in their own respects.

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For instance, both of these apps allow you to write notes on your tasks for the day. This can be incredibly helpful when you need to keep something in mind for an upcoming meeting or interview.

You could remind yourself to wear a particular set of clothes to an outing, or you can simply add a note that you need to be at a meeting a few minutes beforehand so that you can get things set up properly. Being able to make notes to the tasks that you have planned is invaluable to a management app such as Wunderlist or Flow-e.

You will also want to make sure that you have an app that lets you group emails and reminders into specific categories. For instance, if you have multiple teams that you are working with, keeping everything separated with its own team is going to be crucial, as nobody wants to find themselves bringing the wrong information to the wrong team.

The Differences

While Flow-e gives you the option to have multiple teams that you can keep separate on different team boards, Wunderlist is a little bit different. Instead, you have folders (which Flow-e has too), which you can fill with just about everything you want, including a team’s information. Folders can be a little bit more troublesome to navigate at times, but they serve the same purpose of keeping things organized when you need them.

Wunderlist Alternative

Finally, any management software is going to need to remind you of deadlines and due dates. Both Wunderlist and Flow-e have the option to be reminded of due dates so that you can stay on top of assignments and tasks like never before.

No matter if these due date notifications come through as a notification on your phone, or you see it every time you open up your inbox to check your email, it is crucial that both of this management software allows you to remind yourself when assignments are due properly.

Unfortunately, this is where the majority of the similarities between these two apps end, and this is also where Flow-e begins to show itself as the more capable and well-rounded task management software, especially for people who are working to manage a business.

Where Does Flow-e Excel as One of the Best Wunderlist Alternative?

While Wunderlist is a fully capable task management app, it falls short in some of the areas where Flow-e begins to excel. Wunderlist might not be able to handle some of the tasks that you, as a manager, might need it to do, such as delegate work to specific teams and team members, and then following up on those delegated tasks.

Aside from this, Flow-e is also much easier to handle. After all, Flow-e is designed to be a layout for your email’s inbox. This means that every time you check your business’s email, you will be able to see your personal task management, and you will be able to see what needs to be done during the day.

Typically, a software that is only a visual overlay for an email’s inbox is going to be incredibly light on the computer, so you don’t even need to worry about the specifications of your computer when you begin to look at what else Flow-e has to offer.

Because Flow-e aims to be a task manager for your inbox, you will be able to manage the tasks that you have to get done for the day from within your inbox. This also allows you the unique ability to flip back and forth between emails and your tasks for the day, comparing what has been said to and what needs to be done, so that you can stay on top of your inbox.

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Considering that this software allows you to manage tasks from your inbox, you will easily be able to stay on top of communication with your team as well, ultimately improving your work as a whole.

Flow-e also allows you to visualize the day’s calendar right in your inbox, down to the hour of the day. There are countless benefits that this can provide for you and your task management. First, you will be able to plan out what needs to be done for the day down to each hour, so that you can make sure that everything gets done when it needs to be done.

This will greatly reduce the chances that anything is late or forgotten about, as you will always have a reminder when you open up your email.

Being able to visualize the calendar for the day also gives you the chance to be able to properly make sure that meetings, interviews, and anything that might take up the better portion of the day are not hindering your ability to get the necessary jobs done on time.

To put it simply, Flow-e is a task management software that is designed to take some of the weight off the shoulders of managers when it comes to keeping things organized and properly managed.

By comparison, Wunderlist is capable for everyday tasks, but it might not hold up to the heat that managers face, making Flow-e the perfect alternative to Wunderlist if you are looking for a personal task management software to benefit your life.