Flow-e Launches ‘Refer-a-Friend’ Program

Amid the many requests and feedback, we’ve received since we’ve launched our product Flow-e, one, in particular, stood out. (yes, the labels and folders feature was one of them, too)

Our users wanted to share Flow-e with their colleagues.

They wanted to invite friends and family to join and try the product.

Students wanted to collaborate emails and tasks with their peers.

Hence, our users needed a personal and sharable in-app link.

It’s interesting that according to a New York Times study on the psychology of sharing, sharing is an innate ability of our human nature.

The reasons why we share or who we share with may vary from person to person, but one thing doesn’t change — humans share to exchange value with their networks.

If we find something marvelous and valuable, we want to tell our closest about it.

So, we’ve listened to your needs.

Today we launch the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ program. Let me picture the details.

How To Find Your Unique Link

Each user has a unique and ready-to-share in-app link.

Here is how to find it.

Login to your Gmail/Outlook account, if you don’t have an account, please, register here.

Once you are logged in, take a look at your top right corner.

Next to your profile picture, you will see a green icon. Click on the icon and grab your link.

Here is the 10 sec. tutorial.

(open the image in a new tab with a right click)Flow-e refer-a-friend program

You can also send invites to your contacts if you have their email addresses.

Once you click on the ‘send email invites’ your friends will receive an email with instructions, containing your personal link.

Easy, right?

Where Can You Find Your Approved Referrals

If anyone has accepted your invitation to join Flow-e or has registered through your link, your approved referrals will be visible in your account, by clicking on the green referral icon.

See below.

(open the image in a new tab with a right click)

Refferal links Flow-e

What Are The Benefits Of Our Refer-a-Friend Program?

Beyond the fact that you spread the word about Flow-e and make it possible for us to continue with our work on the product, you can become our Inbox Hero.

When you refer 5+ people from your circle, and they sign up for Flow-e, we will grant you a free Inbox Hero account for a whole year.

What a deal! I’ll take it!

Picture credit: Designed by Freepik


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