Tutorial: How to Create and Connect Your Team Board in Flow-e

Finally, right? 

Flow-e Team is probably one of the best things we have released so far. As we have tested the integration before even releasing the beta to our users, we have realized how easy managing work can be when you have your inbox, calendar, and team boards all in one place. And all thanks to this new integration.

Tutorial: How do I get started?

Quite easy. You need to do only two things:

  • Create a Kanbanize account (30-day-free-trial, so don’t worry about the cost).
  • Connect your Kanbanize boards to your Flow-e account.

Watch tutorial:

Create a Kanbanize Account

In order to connect your team board, you will need to create a board for your team first. To do so, go to Kanbanize.com and register. If you already have an account, this step is not necessary as you already have a board.

Connect your Kanbanize boards to Flow-e

  • Open your Flow-e and click the plus icon under the Team Boards section in your main menu (you may need to expand the sidebar):

  • Connect your Kanbanize account to Flow-e. Enter the email and password you use to log-in your Kanbanize account.

It should look like this:

Connect Kanbanize Account to Flow-e

  • Now, you can select the boards you want to view in Flow-e from the Boards drop-down view.

Flow-e Kanbanize Board

When you hit the “Save” button, the team board will show up directly in your Flow-e window. You can add multiple boards, not just one. 

Here is an example view of what you have to see once you connect your team board in Flow-e.

Flow-e and Kanbanize integration - Team Plan.
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Learn More: Who Are Kanbanize?

Let me first mention that we were able to pull this off so fast due to the integration with our company’s headline product – Kanbanize. Kanbanize is the leading Kanban software on the market used by thousands of companies all over the world.

The product offers probably any feature that you can think of – flexible workflows, horizontal lanes, card stickers, metrics, just to name a few. If you want to see what Kanbanize can do, check this out: Team Board Examples.

But having the team boards visualized inside Flow-e has no real value unless you can link your emails with them. We made it possible to hand-over work from your feed directly into the team boards. Just drag and drop the email to the team board and wait for the magic to kick in.

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And what’s a team board without your teammates? You can invite your team and start collaborating together on what’s one of the most flexible visual boards in the universe :).

How much will it cost?

As long as you have a Kanbanize account, this integration will be free. We realize that some of you are just starting their businesses and spending $150+ per month on a team collaboration software might be hard. We’ll get you covered!

We’re working on a special, lite edition of Kanbanize that will only be available for Flow-e users and it’s going to be much more affordable for small teams. We’ll roll out the pricing in one or two months following the beta.

Next steps

Explore the possibilities of your team boards. Get started here.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you need any help or you have further questions! 🙂

May the Flow be with you!