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Personal Kanban, Inbox Zero, and Getting Things Done (GTD) directly in your inbox.

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What is Flow-e?

Flow-e is a visualization layer on top of your Gmail or Outlook inbox.
It provides an elegant Kanban-like workflow that's combined with the ideas behind Inbox Zero and GTD. Flow-e eliminates the need of external task management tools and transforms your inbox into a central To Do app.

Loved by thousands

Thousands of our users describe Flow-e as: Genius, Game-changer, Fabulous, and much more.

No switching cost

Flow-e is just a visualization layer on top of your original inbox, you will never lose your data.

We don't store emails

We visualize your inbox in real-time without storing email messages on our servers.


Email + Task Management

Designed for managers, Flow-e takes you to Inbox Zero and beyond by turning your Gmail or Outlook mailbox into a visual taskboard. Personal tasks and emails are now managed from your mailbox in a visual workflow, customized for your process.

Visualize your calendar

Your daily schedule is visualized in a timeline. Setting up meetings and reminders without leaving your mailbox is a click away.

Track your delegated tasks

Delegate work to your team without leaving your inbox and without sacrificing accountability.

Never forget an important email

Stay on top of what's current with due date reminders. Focus on your work, Flow-e's got your cues covered!

Used by people like you

"For years I would bounce back and forth trying to find a new task manager that would “solve” all my problems. When I found Flow-e, I instantly setup my categories and I cannot tell how much of a difference this web app has made to my productivity. It’s a true game-changer."

Dustin Boss
Dustin Boss
Certified Risk Architect


Take your inbox to the next level. Get started for free with up to 2 email accounts.
  • Task board with unlimited columns
  • Adding notes, to-dos and due dates to emails
  • Timeline view of your calendar
  • Adding notes and to-dos to calendar events
  • Standalone task cards in the workflow
  • Grouping conversations by topic
  • Setup automatic BCC
$5 / month
Centralize your communication workflows in one app. Get Flow-e for all your email accounts.
  • Everything in Personal
  • 3+ email accounts
  • Two-step authentication
  • Assign and track emails to your Flow-e contacts
  • Email support

Increase your team's productivity by turning everyone's mailbox into a task manager.

Keep track of tasks delegated amongst team members via email.

  • Everything in Pro
  • Bulk discount